9 Coolest Places You Must Visit in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most heavenly places in India, and a perfect getaway from the busy and fast-paced world we live in today. When hoping for a get-away in Andhra Pradesh, one will find it difficult to choose from the innumerous places one can visit there. In order to make your work easier and solve this problem for you, here is a list of the 9 coolest places you must visit to make your excursion in Andhra extraordinary!


1. Tirupati

Located at a distance of 556 km from Hyderabad, 134 km from Chennai, and 259 km from Bangalore, Tirupati is a journey city in the southeast of Andhra Pradesh in Chittoor region. It is regularly alluded to as an equivalent of Tirumala (called Tirumala Tirupati), which is a consecrated sanctuary town popular for Sri Venkateswara Temple otherwise called Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple. Tirupati alongside Chandragiri is an ideal excursion if you desire a refreshing vacation!

The city of Tirupati is celebrated for its remarkable Venkateshwara temple situated on the Tirumala slopes. This sanctuary in Tirupati is quite possibly the main sanctuaries of the Hindus, making it a prestigious spot in Andhra Pradesh. The sanctuary and the city get a huge number of voyagers every year. The city additionally has a national park where one can recognize a lion and other wild creatures. There is likewise the Chandragiri Fort, worked by the Vijayanagar sovereigns in the eleventh century. Additionally, there are a few bungalows in Tirupati which are extravagant and draw in a ton of travelers who visit here.


2. Amaravati

The capital city of Andhra, Amaravati is known throughout the nation for its distinct features. This extraordinary city has numerous temples and social areas of interest, this makes the city a top choice for people of all ages alike. Apart from the notable Amaravati sanctuary, the city includes an abundance of sacred texts and engravings of the Vijayanagar lords. The Amaravati Archeological Museum and Kondaveedu Fort will interest individuals who have a tendency towards studying history.

The Vijayawada International Airport is the closest airport terminal which is around 59 km away from Amaravati. It has a well-flying network with big cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Visakhapatnam. Vijayawada Junction, around 38 km, is the closest railhead to Amaravati which has a good rail network with Puri. Amaravathi encounters heat and humidity, with warm summers and gentle winters. The ideal opportunity to take a tour to Amaravathi is in the winters, particularly the months from October to March when the atmosphere is stunning. The summers are agonizingly sweltering, and the storms, albeit flawless and welcoming.


3. Kurnool

Kurnool, additionally known as the “Doorway to Rayalaseema”, has numerous spots with chronicled significance. The greatest fascination is the Konda Reddy Fort, which is situated at the core of the city. The fortification is just two kilometers from the railroad station and is a huge stone construction. The town is popular for its exceptional hot food that one can appreciate at any little measured restaurant across the city. The Sri Lakshmi Narasimha sanctuary and the Dakshin Sai Baba sanctuary are viewed as the most delightful journey locations here.


4. Guntur

Guntur is known as the place where there are chilies. Additionally, you can visit the solitary Buddhist site in South India which passes by the name Nagarjunakonda. Further, one can’t miss investigating the relics of Amravati Caves. Today, it is more known for its modern development in fares of stew items all across the globe. Guntur is an ideal getaway spot and a land of wonder. For a luxurious stay, there are some extravagant hotels there such as V Royal Park, Hotel Viceroy, and Hotel Sitara Inn.


5. Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Falls are arranged in Sri Venkateswara National Park close to Nerabailu Village of Yerravari Mandal of Chittoor area in Andhra Pradesh. The lovely cascade falling profoundly into a valley from a stature of around 270 feet makes it the most noteworthy waterfall in Andhra Pradesh and one of the top tourist places in Andhra Pradesh. It is additionally one of the famous waterfalls close to Bangalore.

The waterfall is situated in the midst of thick woodland surrounded by regular greenery. It is widely believed that the water of Talakona Falls is enhanced with spices with healing powers. Talakona was pronounced as Biosphere Reserve in 1990 due to the wide assortment of plant species present around there. In these woods, one can discover an assortment of endangered species like sambar, porcupine, cheetal, brilliant gecko, Indian monster squirrel, thin loris, jaguar and mouse deer, and so on. 

Arranged near this waterfall is a little sanctuary devoted to Lord Siddeswara Swamy. This sanctuary is thought to be built by a devotee named Appa Swamy in 1811 AD. The sanctuary is normally packed by devotees during the celebration of Shivaratri, which is an extremely well-known occasion around here. 


5. Ahobilam

Situated a good way off of 340 kilometers from the city of Hyderabad, this is a rich green spot, well known for pilgrimage and hiking. The town has nine distinct sanctuaries where each avatar of Lord Narasimha is adored. This is the motivation behind why the city is likewise called Nava Narasimha Kshetra. The majority of these sanctuaries are not difficult to approach yet some of them are difficult hikes. 

The town is separated into two sections, Lower Ahobilam and Upper Ahobilam. Of these nine sanctuaries, Yogananda, Chatravati, and Bhargava Narasimha Swami places of worship are arranged in Lower Ahobilam and the leftover six are in upper Ahobilam. There is likewise another sanctuary of Lord Narasimha Swami in the lower Ahobilam where the icon of the Lord is thought to be introduced by Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati. 

Ahobilam is a modest community and food is accessible at little lodgings and eating centers. There is a Brahmana Nitya Annadana Satram in the Upper Ahobilam where food is given every day to almost 400 individuals. Likewise, Sri Ahobila Matham has set up a trust called Annamacharya Nitya Annadana Trust. Food is given without charging a penny to the devotees of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.


6. Gandikota

Gandikota is one of the less-visited places in Andhra. It includes the noteworthy fortification along the Penna waterway which resembles none other. The huge gully is additionally alluded to as the “Fabulous Canyon of India.” The post is a center for campers who bring along tents and go through their night under a sky brimming with stars.

Hidden from many enthusiastic explorers, Gandikota is not the typical vacation center as it is neither a world legacy site nor is it showcased well by state travel industry organizations. This immaculate and neglected spot merits a visit for history buffs just as nature sweethearts. A frozen-in-time town in extremely old constructions, for example, fortifications and sanctuaries are known for their staggering chasm framed by a waterway Pennar that slices through the Erramala slopes, otherwise called Gandikota slopes. This shocking piece of Nature’s engineering has come to be known as the Hidden Grand Canyon of India by explorers who visit and get beguiled by its magnificence. 

Apart from this, there are a few different attractions in and around the town that charm guests, the most exceptional being the old Gandikota Fort. The glorious Gandikota Fort, perhaps the most invulnerable fortifications of now is the right time, has stays of sanctuaries, a storehouse, an illustrious lake, and a mosque and is today dispersed with ruins. One can likewise visit Mylavaram Dam close by and do some sailing in the quiet waters of the supply. Seeing removed windmills with little stretches of noticeable streets alongside beautiful tints painted in the sky during the dusk is worth experiencing during your Gandikota trip. One can likewise visit Belum Caves, Owk Reservoir, Lepakshi, and Banaganapalle alongside Gandikota.


 7. Lepakshi

Lepakshi was founded in the 16th century during the reign of the Vijayanagara king, Aliiya Rama Raya. Virupanna, the royal treasurer was accused of drawing funds without the king’s permission from the state treasury to build the Veerabhadra temple at Lepakshi. However, he blinded himself to avoid the king’s punishment. Even today one can see two dark stains upon the wall near the Kalyana Mandapa, which are said to be the marks made by his eyes. Hence the village is called ‘Lepa-akshi’, meaning a village of the blinded eye.

Lepakshi is the focal point of probably the best temple design and construction. Lepakshi comprises three significant sanctuaries devoted to Shiva, Vishnu, and Veerabhadra, of which Veerabhadra sanctuary is the main spot to visit in Lepakshi (this is likewise alluded to as Lepakshi Temple). The sanctuaries of Papanatheswara, Raghunatha, Srirama, Veerabhadra, and Durga are situated in a similar complex on a hillock named Kurma Saila (turtle formed slope). 

Toward the south of the fundamental sanctuary is a colossal Nagalingam, remaining on a stone square, covered by a seven-headed cobra, grandly cut out of a single stone. The solid Nandi in Lepakshi town is another striking element. The painstaking work of Lepakshi is additionally very well known among ladies everywhere in the country


 8. Papikondalu

The first name for this slope range was ‘Papidi Kondalu’. Papidi roughly means ‘partition’ in Telugu. It is thought to be the spot visited by Lord Rama and goddess Sita during their outcast. Papi Kondalu must be reached by boat from Rajahmundry, Pattisam (35 km from Rajahmundry), Polavaram (40 km from Rajahmundry), Kunavaram (50 km from Bhadrachalam), or Sriram Giri (60 km from Bhadrachalam). 

Aside from getting a charge out of the magnificent view on the slopes, valley, and waterfalls, sightseers can participate in exercises like setting up camp and journeying. There are a few sights that fall in transit like Perantalapalli, Gandipochamma Temple, and Pattiseema. A few ancestral networks have made their homes on these slopes whose primary occupation is farming, fishing, and making handiworks. There is a waterfall at Munivaatam that is a mainstream vacation spot. 

The Rajahmundry Airport at Madhurapudi (70 km away) has restricted homegrown administrations from Chennai, Madurai, Vijayawada, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Rajahmundry is all around associated with other adjoining urban communities of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by street and rail.


 9. Vizag

The city of Vizag, as Visakhapatnam is prevalently called, gets its name from the Hindu God of boldness, Visakha. The city is found delightfully among the slopes of the Eastern Ghats while looking towards the Bay of Bengal. As per the Archeological records, Visakhapatnam was worked by Kulotunga Chola between the eleventh and twelfth hundreds of years AD. Kailasagiri, Rama Krishna Beach, and Rishikonda Beach are among the must-visit places for your Vizag visit bundles. 

The strict Hindu writings notice that the area of Visakhapatnam in the fifth century BC was essential for the tremendous Kalinga region which reached out up to River Godavari. The relics found in the space likewise demonstrate the presence of a Buddhist realm around there. Kalinga later lost the region to King Ashoka in the bloodiest clash of the time which incited him to accept Buddhism. The city was likewise under the leaders of Chalukya, Pallava, Vengi, Chola, and the Gajapathi administration. The Mughals controlled this territory under the Hyderabad Nizam in the late fifteenth and mid-sixteenth century. The port of Vizag assumed an urgent part for the East India Company during the standard of the British. 

Visakhapatnam is the biggest city of Andhra Pradesh with around 2 million populace and spread more than 550 sq. km. It is a modern city and one of the significant vacationer locations in the territory of Andhra Pradesh. The city is home to a few states possessing hefty ventures; quite possibly the most progressive steel plants and one of the country’s biggest ports and shipyards are situated here. It is the lone characteristic harbor on the eastern shoreline of India. 


The profound cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, and historical significance of Andhra Pradesh make it a must-visit destination for all!

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