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Nellore is a city situated on the banks of Penna River, in Nellore’s locale of the Indian territory of Andhra Pradesh. It fills in as the base camp of the area, just as Nellore Mandal and Nellore income division. It is the fourth most crowded city in the state. It is a ways off of 700 km from the state’s Executive capital Visakhapatnam and around 170 km north of Chennai, Tamilnadu, and furthermore around 380 km east-upper east of Bangalore, Karnataka. Nellore City represents 65% of the metropolitan populace of Nellore District.


There are different hypotheses connected to the beginning of the name “Nellore”. A fanciful story from Sthala Purana portrays a lingam as a stone under the Nelli tree. The spot steadily became Nelli-ooru (“Nelli” represents Emblica Tree and ooru by and large represents spot) and afterward to introduce day Nellore.

Another clarification is that the town got its name from the broad development of paddy in and around it. (“Nell” which means paddy and “ur” which means town). The Gazetteer of the Nellore District considers the last the more conceivable etymology. The name of the Nellore region has been changed to Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore District on 4 June 2008.


Nellore had been under the standard of Mauryas, Satavahanas, Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyas, Kharavela of Chedi line, Kakatiyas, Eastern Gangas of Kalinga Empire, Vijayanagara Empire, Arcot Nawabs, and different administrations.

Nellore was managed by Ashoka of the Mauryan administration in the third century BCE. Nellore was vanquished by the leaders of the Pallava Dynasty and it was under their standard till the sixth century CE, along these lines the Chola rulers administered Nellore for an extensive stretch of time. The Telugu Cholas met their decrease in the thirteenth century CE. Tamil engravings demonstrate that they shaped pieces of the Chola realm till their decrease in the thirteenth century CE.

It later turned into a piece of Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara Empire, Sultanate of Golconda, Mughal Empire, and Arcot Nawabdom. In the eighteenth century, Nellore was taken over by the British from the Arcot Nawabs and was important for the Madras Presidency of British India.

The city had a significant part in the rise of the Telugu language and the arrangement of the territory of Andhra Pradesh. Potti Sriramulu, who abstained until’ the very end for the arrangement of Andhra Pradesh, hailed from Nellore.


Nellore is situated at 14.44°N 79.98°E. It has a normal rise of 18 meters (59 ft).


The environment of Nellore city is a regular tropical oceanic environment, with sweltering, moist summers and gentle winters. April and May are the most blazing months and the hot conditions commonly last until the finish of June. December, January, and February are the coolest months. As the Bay of Bengal is a ways off of 24 kilometers (15 mi) from the city, the ocean breeze delivers the environment of the city moderate both in winter and in summer.

The moisture level in the city is high because of its closeness to the coast. Nellore doesn’t get the southwest rainstorm. Precipitation in Nellore happens between the long stretches of October and December because of the northeast storm. This period gives around 60% of the city’s yearly precipitation. Twisters are basic in the city during this period, causing floods and havoc.

The most extreme temperature is a day and a half 46 °C (97 to 115 °F) during summer and the base temperature is 23 to 25 °C (73 to 77 °F) during winter. The precipitation goes from 700 to 1,000 mm (28 to 39 in) through South West and North East Monsoons. Nellore is subject both to dry spells and to floods dependent on the seasons


Nellore Municipal Corporation was established as a region on 1 November 1866 by the Madras District Municipality Act. It was moved up to the organization on 18 October 2004 and has a jurisdictional space of 150.48 km2 (58.10 sq mi) with 54 wards.

In 2013, fifteen-gram panchayats to be specific, Allipuram, Ambhapuram, Buja Nellore, Chinthareddypalem, Gudupallipadu, Gundlapalem, Kallurupalli, Kanaparthypadu, Kodurupadu, Narayanareddypeta, Navalakulathota, Nellore Bit-I (Kothuru), Peddacherukuru, Pottipalem, Vavilatepadhu were converged into the metropolitan corporation. The present chairman of the city is Abdul Aziz.

The city is one among the 31 urban areas in the state to be a piece of water supply and sewerage administrations mission known as Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT).

Governmental Issues 

Nellore is addressed by Nellore City get-together supporters and Nellore Rural gathering electorate for Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Anil Kumar Poluboina is the present MLA of Nellore City get-together voting demographic addressing YSRCP. Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy is the present MLA of Nellore Rural gathering supporters addressing YSRCP. Nedurumalli Janardhan reddy previous boss pastor of joined Andhra Pradesh hails from this spot.


Certain businesses like the Nippo batteries plant, Apache cowhide shoes manufacturing plant, and so forth have their quality. Nearness to the ocean and ripe land towards the east have prompted horticulture and hydroponics to succeed. The most useful is Shrimp culturing.

A 12,000 section of land Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is being set up nearby the port by the Krishnapatnam Infratech Private Limited, a particular reason vehicle set up by KPCL. The SEZ involves a venture of Rs 6,000 crores and is required to make 30,000 direct employments. The SEZ is being planned by Mahindra Engineering and is to be a multi-item SEZ.


The inhabitants of the city are by and large alluded to as Nelloreans. The Rotella Panduga (Roti celebration) is a yearly urs occasion celebrated at the Bara Shaheed Dargah (hallowed place of twelve saints) on the banks of Swarnala Cheruvu. The occasion got its name after the act of trading level bread and draws in guests from all strict foundations consistently and from everywhere the country and furthermore from far off countries.

Venkata Giri poleramma Jathara is an exceptionally famous celebration that draws in numerous individuals from across Indian and not many from abroad. it is coordinated by Poleramma sanctuary Committee (dharmasanam) in Venkata Giri town.


Chepala Pulusu (fish curry) is a non-vegan formula of the Nellore area, arranged from Korramennu. Malai Kaja Nellore Famous Sweet is a neighborhood sweet produced using maida, milk, and sugar.


Nellore Railway Station 

Neighborhood transport in the city incorporates, two, three, and four-wheelers. Of these, secretly worked auto carts records to around 7,000, ruling most pieces of the city for nearby commuting. Nellore bus stop of the city works locale and significant distance services. Nellore has delegated An evaluation and Adarsh station in the Vijayawada rail line division of the South Central Railway zone. The city likewise has three little rail route stations, in particular, Nellore South, Vedayapalem, and Padugupadu rail line station.

The Southern Railway works MEMUs consistently for driving among Nellore and Chennai Central. There is additionally a proposition to fabricate a straightforward air terminal for the city.

The city has an absolute street length of 1,189.95 km (739.40 mi). The proposed Outer Ring Road, existing blood vessel, and interior streets diminish traffic congestion. The city is associated with significant National parkways, for example, National Highway 16, a piece of Asian Highway 45 and Golden Quadrilateral, sidesteps the city.


The essential and auxiliary school training is granted by government, supported, and tuition-based schools of the School Education Department of the state. The vehicle of guidance followed by various schools is English, Telugu. Narayana clinical school, Venkatagiri Raja College (VRC) are celebrated and lofty organizations.

Narayana instructive establishments were established here. It is home to some middle-of-the-road schools that draw in understudies from Kadapa and Chittoor areas. Nellore has a Govt Medical school (ACSR GOVERNMENT MEDICAL COLLEGE) situated in heart of the city which has an area central command clinic neighboring it.


Zaminryot paper, set up in 1930, and Lawyer week after week newspaper[49] are based out of Nellore. What’s more, Eenadu, Vaartha AndhraJyothy, and Sakshi papers are likewise printing neighborhood releases in Nellore. Deccan Chronicle has additionally dispatched their Nellore release in April 2003 and it is the principal English News Paper to be distributed from Nellore.

This was all about the Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh. We hope you found this article captivating and insightful!

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