Kurnools pride – Yaganti Temple

This temple was built by King Harihara Bukka Raya of the Sangama Dynasty of the Vijayanagara Empire in the fifteenth century A component of this temple is its Pushkarini, a little lake of water on the temple premises. Water streams into this Pushkarini from the lower part of the slope through the mouth of a Nandi (bull). The water is new and sweet, as it comes from the slopes. Nobody realizes how the water arrives at the lake throughout the entire year and this temple engineering as far as its figure shows the abilities of antiquated Viswakarma Sthapathis.

Yaganti Temple timmings
Yaganti Temple

Enthusiasts track down that a blessed shower in Pushkarini is profoundly advantageous. There are a ton of caverns close to each, each having its own story to tell for Agastya cavern. It is accepted that Saint Agastya performed atonement to Lord Shiva from there on washing up in Pushkarini. One Venkateshwara cavern contains a messed up symbol of Lord Venkateshwara this icon is a lot more seasoned than the one in the Tirupati yet couldn’t be introduced as it was broken

Yaganti Temple Nandi

The Yaganti Nandi Statue is accepted by individuals to be filling in size and give more space to the developing Nandi the temple specialists needed to eliminate a column from the spot. It is said that the Nandi was continued developing as some experimentation was done on the stone from which the Nandi is comprised of as this is one reason why Nandi is filling in size.

It is said that individuals used to do Pradakshinas (adjusts) around it previously. The temple staff has effectively taken out one column as the size of the Nandi has expanded. As per Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy, the Basavanna (Stone Nandi) of Yaganti will wake up and yell when Kali Yuga closes.

Yaganti Temple Absence of Crows

Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that while the Sage Agastya was playing out his retribution at this spot, a few crows upset him and he reviled that the crows can’t enter the spot and this temple. As indicated by folklore, the crow is the Vahana for Lord Shani, it is accepted that Shani can’t enter this spot.

As indicated by one story, the sage Agastya needed to fabricate a temple for Lord Venkateswara at this site. For reasons unknown, the sculpture of the Lord couldn’t be introduced here, and the savvy then penanced Lord Shiva. At the point when Lord Shiva showed up, the sage understood that the spot fit him better. He at that point mentioned Lord Shiva to show up in the Ardhanareeswara structure, to which he obliged, and which is available structure loved here.

Instructions to arrive at Yaganti Temple

Yaganti is situated in the Kurnool District in the territory of Andhra Pradesh, India, roughly 100 km from the city of Kurnool. The temple is 14 km from Banaganapalle by means of Banaganapalle-Peapully street. we can arrive at the temple even from Belum caverns. It takes 1.5hrs to arrive at this temple.

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