Kanaka durga temple – the home of the Goddess of Power

On the off chance that you are searching for a definitive objective for an otherworldly encounter, Kanaka Durga temple is the spot to go. A delightful illustration of Indo-Aryan engineering, this temple is otherwise called the home of Goddess Kali or Durga.

Kanaka durga temple timmings
Kanaka durga temple

The Gopuram (entrance tower) here is a fitting token of Hinduism’s profound regard and commitment towards motherhood. The primary divinity adored in this temple is Goddess Kali, quite possibly the most well-known gods in India and all through SouthEast Asia. Situated in the core of Andhra Pradesh, the temple is additionally famously known as Kanaka Durgamma Temple. The word ‘Kanaka’ indicates gold and ‘Durga’ signifies a stronghold.

The temple is additionally known as Kalyani Durga. It is a real sense means ‘the Home of the Goddess Durga’. It has a wonderful Gopuram (entrance tower that is seen in the vast majority of the temples in India) and a three-layered ‘Kalyana Rata’ (marriage lobby). The temple is encircled by rich green paddy fields.

The principle divinity venerated in this temple is Goddess Kali, quite possibly the most famous gods in India and all through South East Asia. Temple remains on a little hillock and can be reached by moving around 100 stone advances. The flight of stairs takes you to a zenith point that offers a brilliant perspective on the encompassing regions. It is perhaps the best spot to visit in Andhra Pradesh during the monsoon when nature is at its greenest and loveliest.


This is where Arjuna got the Pashupatastra after his extraordinary atonement for Lord Shiva. The temple was developed for Goddess Durga by Arjuna. It is connected by steps and a ghats street. The Kanaka Durga temple complex is underlying the style of Dravidian.

The temple comprises a Garbhagriha, an internal sanctum, where the essential icon of Goddess Kali is introduced. The symbol is decorated with different trimmings and is covered with a brilliant Kalasa (bowl). The icon has four hands, each conveying weapons of mass obliteration like a bolt, bow, blade, and harpoon.

The four arms address her forces of creation, assurance, annihilation, and salvation. There are a few different divinities at the temple like Krishna and Shiva.

THE TEMPLE HALL: The temple has four Prakarams (structures) and every one of the four dividers of these structures is associated with a passage which is as a Vishnu Tribhanga. The primary sanctum, which is known as Garbhagriha, can’t be entered by darshan (direct view). The passage is limited to the individuals who have the inception from the temple priest.

The temple is devoted to Goddess Kali, Goddess Durga. There are discrete sanctums for Lord Shiva, Lord Venkateshwara (the managing divinity of the renowned Tirupati Temple), Janardhana Swamy and Rama.

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