KADAPA -The Cultural District of Andhra Pradesh 

Kadapa, previously known as Cuddapah, lies in the Rayalseema area. It is a municipal city, located in Andhra Pradesh which is the southern Indian state in the south-central region. It has derived this name from the word ‘Gadapa’, a Telugu word that means a gate or a threshold.

The city has acquired this name because it is regarded as the gateway or the threshold to Tirumala which is known as the hoy hill, lying on Kadapa’s western side. In 2010, the adapted Cuddapah spelling was changed to Kadapa.

There is a distance of about 412 km from Hyderabad to Kadapa, Seemandhra (the capital city). It is situated nearer to the Penna river.

History and Legendary Story of Kadapa

It is sited in the midst of the Nallamala and Palakonda, the two mountains. The city was a significant part of the Chola Empire, in between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries. In the late 14th century, it was incorporated in the Vijayanagar Empire.

For two centuries, the whole of the Vijayanagar Empire was ruled by the Gandikotas Nayaks. The Nayaks functioned as the Vijayanagar Empire’s governors and are assigned with the building of various temples and tanks in the area.

The Kadapa was occupied and seized by the Golkanda’s Muslim rulers in the year 1565. By using false means, Mir Jumla occupied and looted the fort of Gandikota, beating the king Chinna Thimma Nayudu. Afterward, Neknam Khan( the Qutb Shahi ruler) expanded the Kadapa’s boundaries and exclaimed the new expansion as Neknamabad.

But the historians make us of the name ‘Nizams of Kadapa’ instead of ‘Nizams of Neknamabad’ whenever they call for that period of the past.

Weather of Kadapa

Kadapa district experiences the tropical climate throughout the year. The summers are extremely hot and winters are mildly cold. The monsoons are experienced for very little time like for about only 3 months. There is no specific time of visiting Kadapa. All the months are preferable.

Famous Attractions of Kadapa

Ameen Peer Dargah ,Kadapa

It is a very famous Sufi shrine in Kadapa. The shrine is visited by many people as it is very popular. This shrine is a symbol of communal harmony and remains open all day.

However, the best days to visit this shrine are Friday and Saturday as people of all the religions gather together at the dargah to seek the blessings of Peerullah Hussaini and Arufullah Haussaini II (two popular Sufi saints ).

This shrine has the dargah and graves of two saints. It is believed that seeking blessings at Dargah will definitely add value and happiness to your life. The devotees of the saints here wear saffron-colored caps.

Chand Phira Gumbadh

A Mausoleum, Chand Phira Gumbadh that belongs to Syed Shah Mohammad Hussein is situated in Kadapa. It is located in the center of the town and is surely a must-visit. The most fascinating thing about this place is its design and structure.

The shape of the building is of a square with the dome placed in the center of the building. The building is surrounded by large walls. The parapet of the building is covered by platters of arabesque panels and is beautifully decorated from both insides as well as outside.

This Mausoleum is one of the finest architecture that dates back to the time of Nizams. The tall walls and unique shape of the building attract tourists the most. This place is very popular among the Muslim people.

Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum ,Kadapa

Bhagavan Mahaveer Museum built-in 1982 is definitely a must-watch in Kadapa. This museum was built from donations by the Jain community. This museum contains pieces of ancient art and architecture related to the Jainism community.

The sculptures are carved from stones, icons are prepared from bronze metal, clay figurines, and tablets with inscriptions. All the sculptures in the museum are from the places like Nandalur, Gundluru, Thimmayapalem, Attirala, Mantamapampally, Poli, and  Kolathur some of the flourished towns between the 5th and 18th centuries AD.

Some of the artifacts placed here were earthed during archeological diggings and later on brought to Kadapa. These artifacts include the statue of Lord Ganesha, a statue of Lord Hanuman, a statue of Lord Shiva in which the river Ganga is seen flowing from his side.

Madjid-e -Azam, Kadapa

This is a very famous mosque in Kadapa that is located very close to Gandikota Fort. It is believed that Aurangzeb built this mosque at Kadapa during his reign over this region, that is why you will find many Persian inscriptions on the walls.

The mosque holds religious importance among the local Muslims of the area and is often praised for its amazing architecture. The architecture of this mosque is inspired by the Persian structures since Aurangzeb was very much fascinated by the Persians.

Devunikadapa, Kadapa

Devunikadapa is one of the very famous Hindu pilgrimage centers in Kadapa. It is believed that pilgrims who visit Tirupati and seek the blessings of the Lord at Tirumala Tirupati have to visit Devunikadapa in order to complete the pilgrimage. This temple is also popularly known as Tirumala Tholi Gadapa Devuni Kadapa.

You will also find the mentioning of this place in the Puranas with the name ‘Kripavathi Kshetram’.Pilgrims and devotees here first worship Annamacharya and Potuluri Veerabramhendra Swamy before going to the sacred Tirupati temple.

This is a very famous temple in the entire district and is always hustling and bustling with various activities. Saturdays are the most crowded here.

How To Reach Kadapa?

Kadapa can be reached by road, air, and train. Kadapa has its own domestic airport. The nearest international airport to Kadapa is Hyderabad airport. The railway station in Kadapa lies on the Mumbai -Chennai line. Kadapa is well connected to other nearby cities through road transport. Both buses and cabs are available.

Final Note

Kadapa is one of the most prominent cultural attractions of Andhra Pradesh. You will find a plethora of religious and cultural places here to spend your weekend or 4 -5 days trip with family or friends.

This place holds immense historical importance due to the ancient structures, temples and buildings present here, therefore it is highly recommended for history enthusiasts. Also, Kadapa is very famous for shrines so Muslim people can definitely have a beautiful time here.

Do visit it!

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