Horsley Hills – The Best Spot for Nature Lovers

Horsley Hills or Horsleykonda is a progression of slopes in Andhra Pradesh in Madanapalle taluk of Chittoor area around 9 miles from Madanapalle town. The hills were originally known as Yenugu Mallama Konda. Here is everything you need to know about Horsley Hills!

Horsley Hills Places
Horsley Hills

About the Place

The spot was at first named after a legend of an ascetic woman named Mallamma who lived on the highest point of the slope and was deemed to have been taken care of by the elephants (yenugula). Later the spot came to be known as Horsley slopes when W.D. Horsley, a British collector, set his home there in around 1870. In stark contrast with the hot and dry locales around, this spot is quiet, cool, and reviving.

Horsley Hills is a perfect hill station arranged between the territories of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is an ideal blend of the enchanting, rural nature of Andhra Pradesh and the sumptuous setting of the slopes. It is likewise affectionately known as the Ooty of Andhra. This common wonder is arranged at bewildering tallness of 4312 meters and is notable for its amazing scenes. Horsley Hills has the biggest Banyan Tree and the most seasoned Eucalyptus Tree.

The spot is fixed with thick woodlands and shifted greenery including 113 types of birds. Other than being a sanctuary for nature darlings and bird-watchers, the pleasant scene of Horsley Hills additionally serves as an objective for experience sports with exercises like a trampoline, shooting, bow and bolt, divider climbing, water strolling, rappelling, pools, fish spa, and a small zoo.

Places to Visit in Horsley Hills

There is no shortage of intriguing sights with regards to the Horsley slopes. Horsley Hills is an explorer’s enjoyment. From staggering environmental factors to energizing experience exercises to horde vegetation it has everything for the ideal travel insight. Here is a list of places in Horsley Hills you cannot miss:

  1. Gali Bandalu 

Arranged only 300m from Horsley Hills, Gali Bandalu –meaning ‘Breezy Rock’ — gets its name from the windy breezes that blow the entire day. This is perhaps the best spot to visit on the Horsley slopes. You can go for a stroll down the sloping rock getting a charge out of the untainted, unhampered views on the Horsley slopes just as the weighty breezes blow past you. This spot lies dabbed with small gardens that make it an ideal spot to invest quality energy with your family. A little normal lake lies 1 km down the slope.

  1. ViewPoint

Situated 200 meters from Horsley Hills Bus Stand, the ViewPoint is arranged behind the Governor’s Bungalow. It is perhaps the most mainstream spot to visit in Horsley Hills. It is situated at the most elevated point of Horsley slopes and offers a breathtaking panorama of valleys, hillocks, and thick woods. You should not miss the nightfall starting here; watching the plunging sun is mysterious from this space as it is going down in the valley.

  1. Kalyani, the Eucalyptus Tree

The much-renowned Eucalyptus Tree, affectionately called Kalyani, is arranged about a kilometer away from the Horsley Hill bus stop. It is a 150-year-old Eucalyptus Tree that has wrapped inside itself layers and layers of stories and history. It is arranged inside Van Vihar park at the focal point of Horsley Hills, inverse to Haritha Resort Complex. It is one of the superb spots to visit in Horsley Hills. This is one of only a handful of trees in India that have a name. The tree was planted in 1859 by Horsley, the then collector of the district. This is an exceptionally huge tree with a tallness of 40 meters and a circumference of about 4.7 meters. The tree is taken cover behind an old timberland lodge and is very much ensured with a few tall Eucalyptus and different trees in general.

  1. Horsley Hills Zoo

Situated exactly a kilometer away from the Horsley Hill bus stop, lies the Horsley Hill Zoo. This zoo is located inside the Van Vihar Park situated at the focal point of Horsley Hills inverse the Haritha Hotel. The recreation center housed inside the zoo is covered with lavish greenery involving tall eucalyptus trees that keep you cool in any event, throughout the mid-year season. This zoo is an ideal spot for explorers who wish to appreciate pristine life and the miracles of nature.

  1. Mallamma Temple

It is an antiquated sanctuary arranged 350 meters away from the Horsley Hills transport stand. This sanctuary is devoted to the Goddess Malamma after whom this town was first named.

Consistently devotees who have faith in the force of Goddess Mallamma visit this sanctuary to offer their tribute.

Horsley Hills is an absolute delight and the ideal place for all those who appreciate the vicinity of nature. This is one of those places that you cannot afford to miss!

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