Best Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh

Hill stations, a place with unbounded beauty, a place for the best getaway, a place where that gets captured for eternity in the eyes of the visitor, a place that attracts tourists looking for some real rejuvenation. In this article, we talk about the very mesmerizing and breathtaking hill stations of Andhra Pradesh that will leave you absolutely spellbound! Fasten your seat belts as you take off your flight of reading about them.

Araku Valley, Horsley Hills- Quaint Hills, Ananthagiri Hills, Papi Kondalu, Lambasingi Hills, Adilabad, Maredumili and Nagalapuram are just a few of them but are an absolute treat to the tourists. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Hill Stations in Detail

Araku Valley

Araku Valley, resting around 120 km away from Visakhapatnam is unexplored yet savoury to eyes hill. It is mostly visited on weekends by the locals of the place. It is located in the graded hills of Eastern Ghats and is also a house to several tribal groups and their caves, and is a depiction of Tribal art. The exquisite coffee with an even more graceful aroma, which is the key distinction of Araku Hills, will make you go back to them again. Borra caves, million years old and yet beholding fascination to another level, is one of the key visiting places at Araku Hills. The carving, texts, and paintings leave anyone who is into archaeology and history spellbound. 

araku valley tourist spots
Araku valley hills

The Coffee Plantations, which fall in the way during the journey are a must to stop and be admired. Chaprai and Anantgiri fall and Kartiki waterfall which rests in the lap of the valleys they are surrounded by is an extremely picturesque sight. Coffee museums fall in the way while exploring the place, and is a must-visit for the peaceful ambience and hot coffee that it provides. The toy train ride in Botanical garden, Dhimsa or cooked chicken in bamboo

Apart from the sightseeing, the place has several recreational activities like swimming and trekking, photography. One can also enjoy interactions with the locals.

Horsley Hills

Also known as Yenugulla Mallamma Konda, Horsley Hills are located near the southwestern border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and would increase the adrenaline rush of anybody who visits here. The way it accentuates the charm of Andhra Pradesh with its astonishing height of 4312 metres and beautiful landscapes, there’s no doubt in it being called ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh’.

It nurtures in it the largest banyan tree, Thimmamma Marrimanu Banyan tree and oldest eucalyptus tree, Kalyani which is 148 years old, are dense enough to inhabit 113 species of birds in it. The excitement gets threefold when you get to enjoy adventure sports such as water walking, trampoline, shooting, bow and arrow, wall climbing, rappelling, swimming pool, fish spa and a mini zoo.

Papi Kondalu

Papi Kondalu aligns with River Godavari (Western Godavari) and is located in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. It has been named rather uniquely.  As the hills come closer and closer to the tourist, the width of the gigantic Godavari becomes narrower.

This view resembles the middle partition of a woman’s hair, hence it was initially named ‘Papidi’ Kondalu- Paidi in Telugu means the middle partition of a woman’s hair. The river narrows, with visible twists and turns, becomes a feast for the eyes of the visitor. It is so beautiful that it is often compared to the Kashmir- Heaven of Earth. Munivaatnam waterfall is its must-visit place. 

Lambasingi Hills

Lambasingi, boastfully called the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, nestles in Chintapalli Mandal in the densely forested Araku Valley stands at an elevation of 1025 m above sea level. The way it beholds splendid lush hills, awe-inspiring apple orchards, and stunning view of adjoining valleys, makes it a hidden treasure in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from graded hills and wandering rivers, the place also has unbridled adventure sports like camping, trekking, rock climbing, hiking and Uppada Beach. Thajangi Reservoir, Kothapalli Waterfalls and Susan Garden are the places one must visit when in Lambasingi Hills.

Nagari Hills

The perfect summer getaway is located in the North of Nagari town.  Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Tirupati and Gurramkonda Fort are the best sight-seeings of this place. Be it an enchanting picnic spot, panoramic view for photography lovers or just a serene place for people looking for peace, Nagari hills got you covered. tt

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