Beautiful Temples of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a state in India with numerous excellent temples. The province of Andhra Pradesh, on the Deccan Plateau. The primary notice of the word Andhra seems 500 BCE in an old engraving found in this locale that traces all the way back to around 1,000 years before Christ.

Land of Temples Andhra Pradesh

The land on which the temples of Andhra Pradesh are arranged has a long and rich history. It is known as Andhra-Pradesh. On antiquated occasions, this district was called Bharatavarsha, as it was important for the Indian Empire administered by the Maurya Dynasty. The Maurya Emperor Ashoka is likewise connected with this space. Andhra Pradesh is likewise where the popular Buddhist foundations of Nalanda and Taxila are arranged close by.

The Buddhist chief, Ashoka, was brought into the world in Patna in Bihar (prior known as Pataliputra), which is close to Hyderabad. He assembled some Buddhist stupas and cloisters close to Nalanda empowering more noteworthy collaboration among Buddhism and Hinduism that prompted a ton of strict blending between these two religions.

Temples in andhra pradesh
Tirupati Temple in Andhra Pradesh

  A few temples in this space that are acclaimed for their engineering and excellence are Thirumala, Srikalahasti temple, Nallamala, Raja-Jalabhayana temples, Amaravathi temple, Pathaleshwara temple at Chilakalapudi, and Bhimeswar Mahadeva. There are additionally two extraordinary Jain Temples-Anekal Jain Temple and Shravanabelagola.

Rundown of acclaimed temples in Andhra Pradesh

Amaravati Temple at Amaravathi (Guntur area) is an old temple of Lord Shiva and it has an extraordinary situation in Hindu folklore. The renowned vault of this temple is known for its design loftiness and the principal divinity of the temple is Lord Shiva in the type of Linga. This temple is likewise renowned for Swayambu Linga. The story circumvents this temple that Shivalinga was filling in size and to stop the development of that linga a nail has been hit onto the highest point of the Sivalinga.

At the point when the nail delved into the Linga, blood began to overflow from the Sivalinga it appeared. The stain can be seen even today. There are additionally numerous antiquated Jain temples in Andhra Pradesh. Srikalahasti temple is an old temple of Lord Siva, It was built in the year 1516 by Krishnadevraya – the ruler of the Vijayanagara realm.

This temple is one of the biggest in the area. The principal divinity of this temple is Lord Siva in the type of Shivalinga. It is accepted that Lord Siva is known as Kalahasteeswara. Srikalahasti temple is arranged in the Chittoor region. The word Srikalahasti is derived from three Telugu words, ‘Sri’ for spider and ‘Kala’ for snake ‘Hasti’ which implies elephant. The rumors from far and wide suggest that Lord Siva needed to make where the two devas and snakes could live calmly. Thus, he made this temple.

The icons of the primary god are Lord Siva as Linga and Goddess Parvati as Sivalinga. The two icons have their own one-of-a-kind style and make them not quite the same as different temples in the locale. This temple is otherwise called the Kalahasteeswara temple. Srikalahasti temple is a significant pioneer community for Hindus, who come to love the Shiva Linga and the consecrated ridge. There are a few antiquated Jain temples in Andhra Pradesh, in any event, one of which dates from the first century CE.

Shiva Mallikarjuna Temple

According to mythology Lord Shiva and Parvati looked for brides for their two sons Lord Ganesha was married to buddhi, Riddhi, Siddhi. After coming home the other son of lord shiva and Parvati Kartikeya left Mount Kailash enraged by this marriage and Kartikeya started living nearby due to this Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati came to srisailam.

shiva mallikarjuna jyotirlinga andhra pradesh
Shiva Mallikarjuna Temple Srisailam

  The temple houses a Mallikarjuna Idol which portrays Siva as a Lingam, subsequently bestowing a promise to every one of the individuals who pay regard. The lovely specialty of model and design is very much shown in the Gopuram or the fundamental passageway pinnacle to the temple.

Thousand pillar temple

Located in Hanamakonda, the temple was constructed in 1163 AD by the great Rudra is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Surya Deva (the Sun God). As its name hints the temple consists of thousand pillars with a number of pillars that are intricately carved. The temple has a star-shaped architecture, the credit goes to the skills and expertise of the craftsman of that period. From the outside, it appears to be a single stone block but it is made up of several stone blocks all interlocked.

Ramappa temple

The Ramalingeswara temple popularly known as the Ramappa temple dates back to 1213 AD and was built under the patronage of Ganpati Deva. The temple inherited its name Ramappa by virtue of its chief sculptor Ramappa. It’s the only temple to be known by the name of its sculptor. Another intriguing feature of this temple is that it is built with bricks that are so light that they can easily float on water.

 Bhadrakali temple

Bhadrakali temple is situated atop a hill between the cities of Hanamkonda and Warangal in Andhra Pradesh is counted as one of the oldest temples of Indian history. The governing deity of the temple is Goddess Kali in her fierce form. The sacred idol is made of stone in which she is seen to be seated on her vehicle, the lion. Goddess Bhadrakali is a true symbol of the competence and strength of women. Thousands of believers of all faiths gather here to pay their homage and get a glimpse of this wonderful construction.

After spending quality time gazing at these marvelous structures you’ll realize that these are not just mere buildings that have been built just for the sake of it, but each one has a profound reflection of the cultural heritage and has a unique history behind it. When you closely stare at the walls, the pillars, or the intricate carvings on them you’ll feel like time has stopped, like the walls are talking to you and take you back to ancient times and you can’t help yourselves but be stunned and amazed at what it offers you.

Next time you get a chance to get to Warangal, make sure you visit each of these destinations and relish the opulence this place brings to you. If you visit India, you will find many historical buildings and great structures made during 2000-5000 years ago which are so much better than those made today. This proves that people used to be more artistic and talented in ancient times or rather these things are miracles not created by man.

Various temples in Andhra Pradesh are committed to Lord Shiva and are instances of Dravidian and Nagara engineering. These temples were worked by various lines that managed over antiquated India. There are likewise numerous old Jain temples in Andhra Pradesh, which were finished by around the fifth-sixth century CE. Andhra Pradesh is the most visited territory of India for its temples. An enormous number of explorers from all throughout the nation visit these temples.

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