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Anantapur, a city, southwest of the state of Andhra Pradesh, in south-central India. The town is located on the high plateau of Rayalaseema, about 80 miles (130 km) southwest of Kurnool and 120 kilometers (190 km) north of Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka province.

Anantapur lies on the main road between Hyderabad, Telangana, (north), and Bengaluru. The name of the city is derived from Ananda, the name of the wife of the dewan (chief) of the ancient Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar who built the city. The main campus of Sri Krishnadevaraya University (established 1981) is located south of Anantapur.

Anantapur, a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, rarely appears in your regular tourist guide. However, a visit to Anantapur is fine if you like the history and interesting places of worship. The city occupied an important position in the American Indian Army during World War II. Therefore, there are several historical significance towers awaiting exploration in Anantapur.

Here is a list of places in Anantapur that will make your stay memorable.

  • Anantapur Travel Attractions:

  • Veerabhadra Temple

  • Thimmamma Marrimanu

  • Penna Ahobilam

  • Gooty Fort

  • Penukonda Fort

  • Raidurgam Fort

  • Anantasagaram

  • Anantapur Clock Tower

Veerabhadra Temple

The Veerabhadra Temple is located in a place called Lepakshi. The temple was built in the 16th century with the traditional architectural styles of the kingdom of Vijayanagara.

The deity in charge of the temple is King Veerabhadra. Its beautiful mandapams contain columns with images that resemble the life of dancers and artists. Nandi Bull’s granite statue is one of the most impressive temples in the temple. This one-dimensional granite sculpture attracts visitors from all over the province and is among the most popular tourist attractions in Anantapur.

Thimmamma Marrimanu

Thimmamma Marrimanu is the famous Banyan Tree in Anantapur. According to local legends, the giant tree was named after Timmamma Marrimanu, a woman who made Sati after the death of her husband. A small tree that reportedly grew from one of the poles used to build a funeral parlor, turned into the magnificent Banyan tree that stands there today. A small temple dedicated to Timmamma stands under a tree.

The branches of the tree are still spread over five acres [5 ha], which they found to be the largest tree in the 1989 Guinness Book of World Records.

Timmamma’s blessings are best known for childless couples. People believe that couples who pray to Timmamma will soon be blessed with children.

Penna Ahobilam

Are you worried about your future marriage and your life after that? Consider taking your wedding party to Penna Ahobilam and its famous Temple of King Narasimha Swamy. The wedding ceremonies performed in the temple are considered to be twice as blessed.

The temple was built at the foot of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy measuring 5 ft 3 inches. Lord Narasimha is an image of a half and a half lion of Lord Krishna. The temple building also includes temples at Adi Lakshmi Devi Temple and Chenchu ​​Lakshmi Devi.

Gooty Fort

Gooty Castle is one of the oldest castles in Andhra Pradesh. This historic monument is situated at an altitude of 1,000 feet [300 m] above the plains of Gooty. The fort was built by the rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire but eventually fell into the hands of the Maratha. He lived in Haider Ali in 1773 and later fell to Britain after the defeat of Tipu Sultan in 1799.

What makes this castle unique is its shell-like structure consisting of 15 castles and 15 large doors. The castle chemicals consist of a series of walls connected by 14 gates. The castle also has two buildings, one for the gym and the other for a powder magazine. Another special feature denied access to water in a building at such a high altitude. Some of the inscriptions on the walls of the fort go back to the 7th century.

Inside the castle also stands a small tent made of polished stone called the Murari Rao chair. Truly a visionary chair, located on the edge of a cliff that offers spectacular views of the valley below. Gooty is located 52 kilometers from Anantapur on the Kurnool-Bangalore highway. Bookmark the castle and place it above your list of places to visit in Anantapur.

Penukonda Fort

Known as ‘Ghangari’ in local inscriptions, Phenukonda Fort was the capital of the strategic plan of the Vijayanagara state for a short time. The defense of the castle was incomplete and never seen defeat! It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Anantapur – with its small palaces, temples, and other interesting buildings housed within the building.

The fort contains two attractive sites. The first was the Gagan Mahal, which was used as a summer residence by the Vijayanagar rulers. The Gagan Mahal was built in 1575 AD and used as a center of entertainment, reserved for royalty only at that time. The second integrated site built on the complex is Babayya Darga – a building that symbolizes social harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

Penukonda is located at a distance of 50 km from Anantapur on the NH7 highway to Bangalore.

Raidurgam Fort

Raidurgam Fort has played an important role in the history of the Vijayanagara Empire. First, the fort was built at an altitude of 2727 ft above sea level. Many of its fortifications within the castle were deliberately built to keep the enemies alive and were very successful in doing so. The castle emits an aura of beauty even though most of it is now in ruins and in ruins. The views from the top of the castle are amazing!

Many temples and temples are found within fort buildings. Some of the most prominent are those dedicated to Narashimhaswamy, Hanuman, Jambukeswara, Prasanna, Venkateswara Kanyakaparameswari, and Elamma.


Anantasagaram is such an important lake that the city of Anantapur was named after it. It is one of the largest lakes in the region spread over an area of ​​2,511 hectares in Anantapur and Bukkarayasamudram. According to legend, a woman named Musalamma sacrificed herself in the waters of Anantasagaram to prevent a tank breach. Part of the tank was then called ‘Musalammakatta’ as a tribute to his hardship and dedication. The crystal clear water in the lake is soothing to the eyes. It’s a great place for a short break from daily exams.

Anantapur Clock Tower

In every city, there is a building that is in the middle of its ownership and history. The iconic Cock Tower is one such symbol in the city of Anantapur. It was built to commemorate the people who sacrificed their lives during the Indian liberation struggle. The Clock Tower contains eight faces to mark the eighth month of the year – August. In addition, the radio clock is 15 ft to commemorate August 15, India’s Independence Day. This magnificent tower stands still today and is especially magnificent at night.

Restaurants In Anantapur

Some of the most popular restaurants in Anantapur are Blue Moon Highway Restaurant, SS Paradise, Hyderabad Chefs, Food Devils, Sri Sagar, and Sujatha. Restaurants in Anantapur use a variety of cuisine such as Indian, Chinese, and Asian with many vegetable options.

Escape From Anantapur


Plan a visit to Dharmavaram if you are a lover of fabrics and sarees. This is where the famous saree sarees were born in Dharmavaram silk and the harp of the cotton and silk industry. Residents of Dharmavaram have been weaving these beautiful sarees since ancient times by the 30 silk Cooperative communities that help people who do this work.

This fine silk dress is also exported to countries such as Germany and France. Imagine a city with over a thousand shops selling beautiful silk sarees! And if you can, just visit instead. Visit the city to collect historical and cultural stories and a glorious new saree or two to add to your collection. Now that’s what the shopping trip is all about!


Hemavathi has located 148 km from Anantapur. It was the capital of the Pallavas during the 9th and 10th centuries. The village is home to some of the most fascinating remains of Pallava and Chola architecture. Hemavathi played a major role in the 9th and 10th centuries AD when it became known as Henjeri under Nolamba Pallavas. Hemavathi is best known for the Doddeswara Swamy temple. At the entrance to the temple is an 8-foot-tall Nandi made of black basalt granite. Inside the temple of the sanctum sanctorum is Lingam six feet long.

The Best Time to Visit Anantapur

The climate in Anantapur is dry all year round because of low rainfall. The winter months from November to January are ready to schedule a visit to Anantapur.

How to Get to Anantapur

By train: Anantapur is connected to the country’s major cities via a standard rail network. Some of the train stations that will take you to Anantapur are Anantapur (ATP), Basampalle (BSL), Narayanapuram (NRYP), and Somalapuram (SLM).

By road: The Anantapur pass connects the city to large areas across the country.

On Air: Anantapur does not have an airport itself. The nearest airport is Hindustan Airport in Bangalore at a distance of 184 km. Tirupati Airport in Andhra Pradesh is located at a distance of 235 km.

Anantapur is a lesser-known but fascinating tourist destination in the state of Andhra Pradesh. If you are a history lover or temple-hopper, Anantapur is a great place to explore beyond the traditional tourist map.


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